The Uitzicht Curse

Nick’s Uitzicht Rainbow

So after a slow, shaky start due to the night before being Warren and Sharon’s engagement party, and the Tazz having morning sickness, Tazz and I made it to the customary coffee stop at 6.20am.

The weather was not looking too good from home, but hey, I had to collect my jacket that I had left behind on a previous drinking trip (I mean fishing trip). As I had confirmed from Durban the weather was miserable; 10 degrees, rain, mist but no wind!

I finally made it to the dam after some 4X4ing through the mud (manly grunt here). I must point out the actual Kamberg tar road is full of pot holes that even a 4X4 feels, it almost felt like I was back in Mozambique at one stage.

So after kitting my Explorer 5wt I entered a very low water level dam with my float tube. There was a slight drizzle of rain and the water temp was rather warm a 22 degrees!!!

After kicking round the dam to all the usual spots, where I have lost/missed fish, for about 2 hours I started heading back to the wooden jetty. The sun was just starting to poke it’s head out from behind the clouds and there was a slight ripple on the water. I found a great looking weed line and drifted along it.

Finally into a fish!!! I had a good strong fight with this rainbow. A few jumps out the water and lots of head shake but I finally netted it!!! The Curse was over!!!! I then took some pictures and headed in for a snack. After my snack I hit the late morning session before lunch with Tazz. I must have missed two fish in this hour session but I didn’t mind as I had my trout bagged and ready for cold smoking.

At about 12 I pack up and headed to Notties pub to have lunch and collect my jacket which took them about 2 hours to find. It was a great day out. Just a pity there was no competition between Warren and myself, but I’m sure that will change soon.

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