Tailor on Fly in Middle Harbour (and a Few Squid)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But whilst all this was true, there were fish to be caught, so I loaded up my kayak, and headed to the port…

I launched from my usual, Tunks Park boat ramp, to a glowing orange sky and started paddling towards towards Clontarf. To kick things off I stopped off at my squidding spot, where I quickly landed a few southern calamari for dinner. The nice thing about the squid is that they’re either there or they’re not…and today they were there.

With dinner sorted, I packed away the squid rod and got down to some fly fishing. I fished around the Clontarf area, and quickly came across some bust ups on the surface. Throwing a chartreuse Clouser into the white water produced 2 good sized tailor, before things quietened down, and the bust ups vanished.

I therefore started heading back to the boat ramp, stopping to take some video of the millions of jellies that seemed to be taking over the harbour that day. I stopped briefly to fish the shallows around a wreck, hoping to pick up either some flathead or whiting. However, the sun was now high in the sky, and things had remained quiet. So I packed up the kayak and headed home, where Sharon cooked up an amazing feed of surf and turf for dinner. Nom nom nom!

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