Diving Manta Bommie and Shag Rock with Manta Lodge – A Video

Check out some of the underwater fun we had exploring the incredible dive sites of North Stradbroke Island with the amazing Manta Lodge team.

On the day we dived Manta Bommie and Shag Rock. Manta Bommie is a renowned hotspot for marine life, and it lived up to its name as we were greeted by the majestic sight of gliding manta rays (and a little current). Shag Rock was equally as amazing, and we got to enjoy a more relaxed dive with some of the smaller critters.

Between the two dive sites we saw everything from graceful manta rays and lazy leopard sharks to vibrant mantis shrimp and imposing moray eels. There were sneaky octopus, friendly clownfish, guitarfish, bull rays, wobbegongs, and the ever humorous prickly porcupinefish.

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